I am the Power

I am the power. I am the illusion. Where there is the force, there is me. I exist in various forms in each and every religion of this world. No tantra-mantra or magic spell is possible without my power.

Even I do not know who will call my which form and what he will make me to do for him. I am under control of the performer at that time. As, if one wants to kill someone, he (the target) cannot escape. The only way, he (the target) has to escape, is to call me in another form, from his side and send it back. Then, she destroys her. By this way, I am working bad in one form and good in another form.

The creation doesn’t run without illusion and the human life without Will (desire, infatuation, love). This is the Will, for which, one does good or bad for another one. This is the illusion of this creation.

I am the power. I am in the service of God. I obey what He orders. I am the Energy. I am The Goddess among Gods, I am the Evil among demons and I am also a woman among human. Where there is the female energy, it’s me. I am the power.

I am the one, who does good or bad. I am the one, who kills or saves you. I am the one, who takes away your sense or grants you with good sense. I am the one, who diverges or puts you on the right path. I am the evil as well as the divine force.

I am the Mother.

You accept good and divine forms of mine. I am the one, who grants you salvation after fulfillment of your all desires. I am the one, who clears off your way to heaven. You are the Eternal being. I am the power of eternal being always existing inside you. I am the power.

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