Kaal the demon


Kaal the demon

     Kaal is the most powerful demon of this world at present. He is ruling the entire creation now. This is his age. He is known as Kali (कलि ) or Kaliyuga (कलियुग).  He is the dearest servant of the Demon-God. This is the demon-God, who made him to rule this universe.

The powers of Kaal

The powers of Kaal are unlimited. He has three boons as follows:

  1. No God (deity, even the trinity) cannot kill him.
  2. Anyone, who got birth from the womb of a lady, cannot kill him.
  3. Anybody, who is the son or daughter of anyone, cannot kill him. 
These three boons make him the most powerful demon in this creation. No God, human or demon can kill him. There is nobody in this creation who can kill or stop him now anyway. This is his age. It is he, who is ruling on the Time now. The time will do what he wants in this age. 


Kamini the female demon
Kamini is the most reliable evil power of demon Kaal. This power inspires one towards lust and having sexual intercourse. This powers attracts the one with her evil inspiration and destroys one's dignity and his life. Later, this power creates suicide-tendency and may end the life of the one.          

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