Kundali or horoscope reading


Kundali or Horoscope Reading

Kundali or horoscope reading
Before going ahead, you must know that the Kundali or Horoscope reading is basically the predictions of your life according to the positions of the different celestial bodies at the point of time, when you were born. That is the ariel view of the cosmos around you which is before you in the form of Kundali or Horoscope. You are an object only. The movement of Time in the space is the Subject and your deeds are the actions which are collected by Cosmos and sent back to you in the form of different phases of the Time, you have to go through.

Reading of the horoscope

Reading of the horoscope means to see the movement of Time, its impacts in your life and to guide about the easy doing remedies to eradicate them. It opens the way to live a happy life in general.

Different phases of Time in your life

You have to go through the different phases of time in your life like the childhood, teenage, the youth, getting old; playing, kidding, reading, pass, fail, worry about exams, job or business; love affairs, relationship, marriage, married life, compatibility with your spouse; to behave and conduct with relatives, friends or family members, progeny, children eduction, worry about their career or future, their marriage; money, buying property or other assets, insurance, pensions, medical expenses etc.

What your horoscope says

As your horoscope is the ariel view of the point of Time, you were born, it tells all about the life, you may go through, the different phases of time in your life which are generally known as Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantra dasha and Suksham dasha etc. It tells the planetary positions in that time and its impacts on you. Though the exact or certain future cannot be told but the predictions can be told based on the Time which are generally true.

Good or bad phases of time and remedies

When a kundali or horoscope is being read by a learned astrologer, you are told about the good and bad phases of time in your life. To remove or reduce the impact of bad time, some easy doing remedies are told or acted upon.


After reading the horoscope and doing the remedies, it opens the way to lead a happy life. You live it happily and successfully. 


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